November 20, 2011

India Heritage - Drawing / Painting / Chart / Poster

This is a beautiful drawing by 10 year old Akshita depicting the rich culture of India. In this drawing, she has shown the famous monuments of India i.e. Taj Mahal, India Gate on which every Indian is proud of. The base of the drawing is India Flag which has 3 colors- Saffron, white and green.

These 3 colors represent:

Saffron: It represents courage, sacrifice, diversity, unity and equality
White: This color represents peace and love
Green: Green color represents prosperity, faith & chivalry

Apart from this, she has shown different religions of India, the love for music and our success in the field of astronomy.

In the bottom left hand side part, villages’ scene has been shown which the root of our culture is.

Do you like this drawing?  Would like to share your drawing on culture of India with us? Leave the comment and we will contact you...

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